99 Bottles of "Ille"
ille, illa, illud,
illum, illam, illud,
illī... both times 3!
illō, illā, illō
And on to plural we go!

illī, illae, illa,
illōs, illās, illa,
illōrum, illārum, illōrum (Hoorah!)
illīs, illīs, illīs,
illīs, illīs, illīs!

The personal pronoun 'is, ea, id' also means "that" (i.e. it can be used as a synonym for 'ille, illa, illud') and can be sung to the same tune.

is, ea, id,
eum, eam, id,
eī... both times 3!
eō, eā, eō,
And on to plural we go!

iī, eae, ea,
eōs, eās, ea,
eōrum, eārum, eōrum (Hoorah!)
iīs, iīs, iīs,
iīs, iīs, iīs

The intensive pronoun 'ipse, ipsa, ipsum,' meaning "himself, herself, itself," can be sung to the same tune.

ipse, ipsa, ipsum,
ipsum, ipsam, ipsum,
ipsī... both times 3!
ipsō, ipsā, ipsō,
And on to plural we go!

ipsī, ipsae, ipsa,
ipsōs, ipsās, ipsa,
ipsōrum, ipsārum, ipsōrum (Hoorah!)
ipsīs, ipsīs, ipsīs,
ipsīs, ipsīs, ipsīs!

alius, alia, aliud,
alium, aliam, aliud,
aliī... both times 3!
allō, aliā, aliō
And on to plural we go!

aliī, aliae, alia,
aliōs, aliās, alia,
aliōrum, aliārum, aliōrum (Hoorah!)
aliīs, aliīs, aliīs,
aliīs, aliīs, aliīs!

First Declension Masculine
poēta bonus

First Declension Feminine
īnsula bona

First Declension Neuter

Second Declension Masculine
equus bonus

Second Declension (-r) Masculine
liber bonus

Second Declension Feminine
laurus bona

Second Declension Neuter
verbum bonum

Third Declension Masculine
leō bonus

Third Declension Feminine
vōx bona

Third Declension Neuter
corpus bonum

Third Declension (i-stem) Masculine
mōns bonus

Third Declension (i-stem) Feminine
nāvis bona

Third Declension (i-stem) Neuter
animal bonum

Fourth Declension Masculine
portus bonus

Fourth Declension Feminine
manus bona

Fourth Declension Neuter
cornū bonum

Fifth Declension Masculine
diēs bonus

Fifth Declension Feminine
rēs bona

Fifth Declension Neuter

Chapter 8 - Lesson 3 - Ille Quiz

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