Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Welcome to the LLPSI Song Site!  When I taught Latin using Cambridge Latin Course and Wheelock's Latin Grammar, I loved singing the grammar charts using CC Couch's Lyrical Latin.  When I switched to Lingua Latīna per sē Illūstrāta, I lamented the fact that there were no grammar songs using the European case order.

I set out to solve this problem by writing new grammar songs to catchy, classic American tunes, but all in the European case order.  My son, Caleb,  mixed all of the music.   My children and I sang the songs. Now you can sing along with us and reinforce the case order you find in the LLPSI texts.

If you use the traditional American case order, I strongly recommend that you purchase CC Couch's CD.  Also, she has produced another CD, Latin Verbs Rock, with all of the active and passive verb forms and several of the irregular verbs (sorry, no subjunctives!) set to original rock music.  They are very memorable and entertaining.  I particularly like the ferō song.

Please enjoy this new site and share it freely with your friends.

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