Possum Cielito Lindo

(Possum) posse potuisse!
"I'm able, to be able, to have been able!"
(Possum) posse potuisse!

Possum, potes, potest,
Possumus, potestis, possunt!
I'm able; you're able; he is able;
We're able; ye're able; they're able!

Poteram, poterās, poterat,
Poterāmus, poterātis, poterant!
I was able; you were able; he was able;
We were able; ye were able; they were able.

Poterō, poteris, poterit,
Poterimus, poteritis, poterunt!
I'll be able; you'll be able; he will be able;
We'll be able; ye'll able; they'll be able.

Potuī, potuistī, potuit,
Potuimus, potuistis, potuērunt!
I've been able; you've been able; he has been able;
We've been able; ye've been able; they've been able.

Potueram, potuerās, potuerat,
Potuerāmus, potuerātis, potuerant!
I'd been able; you'd been able; he had been able;
We'd been able; ye'd been able; they'd been able.

Potuerō, potueris, potuerit,
Potuerimus, potueritis, potuerint!
I'll have been able; you'll have been able; he will have been able;
We'll have been able; ye'll have been able; they'll have been able.

Possim, possīs, possit,
Possīmus, possītis, possint!
If I'm able; if you're able; if he is able;
If we're able; if ye're able; if they're able:

Possem, possēs, posset,
Possēmus, possētis, possent!
If I were able; if you were able; if he were able;
If we were able; if ye were able; if they were able.

Potuerim, potueris, potuerit,
Potuerimus, potueritis, potuerint!
If I've been able; if you've been able; if he's been able;
If we've been able; if ye've been able; if they've been able.

Potuissem, potuissēs, potuisset,
Potuissēmus, potuissētis, potuissent!
If I'd been able; if you'd been able; if he'd been able;
If we'd been able; if ye'd been able; if they'd been able.

(Possum) posse potuisse!
"I'm able, to be able, to have been able!"
(Possum) posse potuisse!

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